Our Services: Embodying Excellence and Uncompromising Quality Across All Domains

KSM emerges as your trusted ally for the enhancement, maintenance, or storage of your store fixtures. Furthermore, we fervently champion the cause of sustainability: Through sustainable retail design, you can safeguard the environment, captivate your customers, and significantly curtail operating expenses.

We leverage environmentally congenial materials and energy-efficient technologies in our practices. By incorporating recycled or natural materials, we strive to diminish the carbon footprint. Innovative energy-saving technologies such as LED lighting and automatic light control contribute to reducing your energy utilization, concurrently driving down operational costs.

Thus, you can have the utmost confidence that every stride we make resonates with the sustainability of your enterprise.


Merchandising Systems and Modules

As your proficient collaborator, we provide comprehensive assistance in the installation, augmentation, and modernization of your merchandising systems and modules. Our adept team undertakes the comprehensive plan for installation and assembly, promising a seamless and effective execution. We employ state-of-the-art technologies and tools to meticulously fulfill your distinctive requirements.


Repair Service

Our swift and reliable repair service offers an all-encompassing suite of solutions for your counters and corners. We adeptly handle your repair inquiries, offering flexible scheduling for maximum convenience. Our exceptionally skilled personnel utilize cutting-edge technologies to perform repairs promptly and with unwavering precision.


Our maintenance connoisseurs prolong the lifespan of your store fixtures through adept maintenance and repair. Routine inspections flag potential concerns early on, thereby ensuring optimal performance of your setup.

With our proprietary Maintenance App, the orchestration and execution of your maintenance tasks become exponentially more streamlined and efficient.

Disposal and Recycling

Our dedicated team offers a professional, eco-sensitive disposal solution for your redundant furniture and installation parts. Our staunch commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship allows us to conserve valuable resources and alleviate the environmental burden.

Rest assured, your furniture is responsibly handled with us, averting the risk of inappropriate disposal with your brand identification.


Our storage service serves as a secure and efficient solution for housing your merchandising items and sales furniture. Harnessing our extensive expertise and modern warehousing facilities, we can accommodate a diverse range of items, such as tester products or pop-up furniture. Our transparent storage system ensures you maintain a clear overview of your inventory at all times.

Promotional Furniture and Temporary Furnishings

Our extensive assortment of promotional furniture and temporary solutions empower you to augment your brand visibility promptly and effectively. Whether executing a product promotion or responding to delayed deliveries, our durable and easy-to-install solutions provide the flexibility you need.

Engage with Us

Our primary objective is to deliver customized solutions that are meticulously tailored to your unique requirements. We invite you to reach out to us today to explore more about how we can facilitate your success.


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